English » Reading Comprehension

Directions (1-4) : Read the following passage carefully and answer each of the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

When my wife, daughter and I were travelling in a rented car through Nottingham, England, on our way to a cousin's home in the northern suburbs. I became thoroughly confused by the maza of circular and one way street. Finally, we spotted a policeman and pulled up to ask directions. We were surprised when he removed his tall helmet. Opened the back door and slid in beside our daughter. "It will be much easier to show you'. He explained, we went through a series of left and right turns, traffic and even short input up a one-way lane the wrong way. Twenty minutes latter we arrived at a entersection. 'Now you will be all right, announced our guide, 'Just Twin here, stay on the road for eight or nine kilmeters and you are there'. With that, he opened the door got out replaced his helmet and strode briskly off.

Question-3 : The word 'suburbs' means-


a remote village


an industrial township


the city centre


residential area outside a town