English » Reading Comprehension

Directions (1-5) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Smartphones are very common today. But over use of the gadget causes eye problems like aching eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes from inadequate blinking, and headache from prolonged use.    If the user is already wearing spectacles or contact lenses, the problems tend to be worse since the eyes have to compensate for the optical aids apart from the strain. All this is due to the fact that most users tend to bring the phone close to the eye.   Texting and browsing the web on smartphones is the accepted norm and those who have multiple messages need to be on the phone for a prolonged period of time thus straining the eye still further.   Another hassle is using a smartphone while travelling. The jolts and shakes of travel-whether by car, bus or train-also increase the stress.

Question-3 : Why do overuse of a visual gadget affect our eyes? 


Because eye are connected to brain


Because we keep those gadgets closer to our eyes


Because the gadgets emit ultraviolet rays which are dangerous for our eyes


Because are often use them in older ages