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Directions (1-5) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

When we speak of freedom of press, we usually mean it in a very technical sense. That is, we mean freedom from direction or censorship from the Government. In India, the press is free in its restricted sense. But the real restrictions on the press come from, (i) the advertisers from whom it gets its money, and (ii) the man or company who owns the newspaper. So even if an editor dares to support a public policy like, a ban on smoking in public places, he may always not be successful in pursuing this because his paper may be owned by a company which produces cigarettes. Such restrictions are often invisible unlike Government censorship and are worse.

Question-5 : In this passage the writers’ intention is to bring to light —


The fact that Indian press is free in all respects


Indian press is guided by the market forces


Vested interests control the voice of the newspapers


Government applies restrictions on print content