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Directions (1-3) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

In a village in India, two parties fell out as a result of a dispute between two children over the possession of a pin. Lathis were freely used and injuries sustained on both sides.   The more we are able to control our feelings, the more we act like intelligent human beings.   Rather than merely avoid losing our temper, which is a negative procedure at best, we should strive to show a friendly understanding and a consideration for others, even when they have done things to irritate us. This does not mean being overly soft. It merely proves we are capable of disagreement without being impolite. In your home, your office, driving along the road, getting on the bus, shopping in the market, or in a hundred daily circumstances you have countless opportunities to show that we can rise above the temptation to be impatient, complaining or sarcastic.

Question-2 : Two parties in India fought over ____________ .


a pin


a village




two children