English » Cloze Test

In the following passage, some words have been deleted. Read the passage carefully and select the most appropriate option to fill in each blank.

Connie Sellecca plays first officer Mimi Thompkins who manages successfully to land Flight 243 after its roof is ripped (1)_________ mid-flight due to mental fatigue. She is not the only one (2)__________ that flight, since there was also a flight attendant who kept checking on people. And telling them they were going to be fine (3)__________ they had giant pieces of aeroplane carpet stuck to their heads. I can’t (4)_________ land a plane or tell the wounded people that they would be fine soon, due to the fact that I would be (5)_________ too hard and throwing out what ever food I had throughout the day.

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank number 4.








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